Substance abuse has reached epidemic proportions. Overdose deaths are striking families in every community. Along with the rise of substance abuse is a corresponding rise in crime, family breakups and/or family abusive relationships.

You don't have to look very hard to find someone suffering from the effects of life-controlling issues in your community or neighborhood.

Imagine a community where believers are fulfilling the great commission by providing people outside the church with hope, faith, and change.

Solutions4Living provides a nonresidential and referral ministry by utilizing a proven small group strategy.

Sometimes life feels hopeless, lost, and out of control..."

Maybe you or someone you know has lost a job, the family is falling apart, and they might have resorted to criminal activity in order to have the money to get what they are after. Their life seems to be spiraling out of control. We understand.

Some of us at have been there. We can help those who sincerely want to make a change.

S4L is seeking "County Ministry Coordinators" and small group Facilitators to join its ministry team of volunteers.

For more information about Solutions4Living contact Dennis McDonald.


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